Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Just waiting around

Haven't been on the bike since Thursday. Didn't get a chance to ride last weekend and totally missed out on the Richmond Epic. Also missed Emm Gryner at the IOTA club. So I'm just waiting around for a chance to ride again. Maybe I'll ride the road to work tomorrow. Speaking of which, the wife got into her first roadie battle the other day. She goes to pass this guy and the next thing she knows he's hammering to keep up and riding her wheel. Seems like some men don't take too kindly to women passing them. Anyways, she's game so she takes off and manages to drop him. He later catches up to her at an intersection and the battle begins anew. And again she gaps him. You go girl! But this guy won't give up and Gina's had enough, so she just slows way down and let's him pass. Hmmm, sounds like there's a new roadie in the family.


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