Saturday, October 01, 2005

Start 'em early

I took Sagada out for two of the longest rides in her life, so far. Friday evening we did 6 miles on the Mount Vernon bike path. Today we rode along with Trips for Kids (TFC) on their Accotink/Wakefield romp. That was 8 miles on the Accotink cinder trail and the Wakefield creek trail. I wish I had something like TFC when I was growing up. Sagada tells me she had fun on today's ride. We even stopped to watch tadpoles and ducks, and skip stones at Lake Accotink. This is her account:

"The ducks came closer and closer to me because they thought I was a grape. I smelled like a grape. I did the whole Creek Trail but I got tired and went slow, but I just keep on going."

-- Sagada (blogger at 5)


Blogger BradH said...

Sounds like a fun time!

11:38 AM


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