Friday, November 26, 2004

Black Friday

"Oh my god, they're f**king!" I mutter, as Jason and I draw closer to the pickup truck and my brain reluctantly discerns the mysterious silhouettes in the cab window...

It started off normally enough. It was Black Friday and instead of wallowing in the circle of hell called shopping, we were off to the Watershed to ride. Jason, aka crashmore, and I were on a quest to find the connecting route between the Watershed and Gambrill. We were to start at the Hamburg parking lot, ride down to Gambrill, putz around, and then ride back up. It looked easy on the map, but neither of us knew the trails very well, and that's where the adventure begins.

Read about the whole thing, including the encounter with the bouncing truck, over on Jason's blog.

Lessons learned from that day:

1) Never trust my own sense of direction. If I say "the sun rises in the east, so south must be this way," the sun, just to spite me, probably won't rise in the east.

2) See rule #1

Props, to Jason. Given the relatively short time he's been riding, he's getting to be a little monster on the bike. Better get the tire tacks ready for him next racing season...heh heh.


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