Sunday, October 02, 2005

Where the narnar live

Larry and Pierre contemplate Buzzard Rocks.

Added a few more dents to my frame, a few more bruises to my body, and a big slice of humble pie to my diet during today's ride at Buzzard Rocks with my Bike Lane teammates Larry and Pierre. I'm no stranger to technical trails but I'd never seen anything like this before. Miles of rocks formations requiring a bit of skill and a good dose of luck to clear. Apparently luck wasn't on our side today. Although we cleared many of the sections eventually, the bloopers reel was a sight to see. I pushed the limits of 29er stability and got the bike to endo for the first time, breaking a rear wheel spoke in the process. Pierre also endoed and broke his rear brake lever. In place of the brake lever, he zip-tied his finger to the brake cable and completed the ride. I think Pierre can sell that idea to Shimano for their new ultra-lightweight XTRR component line. Both Pierre and I got pretty bruised up. Larry, riding the trail SS and rigid for the first time, walked away with just a scratch on his little finger. Despite the mishaps, it was a great ride with some of the best scenery I've seen anywhere. I'm looking forward to going up there again.


Blogger Crashmore said...

That's a great ride but definately a demanding one. My lats trip cost me an xtr rear der. (Not that you'd have that particular problem :) )

10:13 AM

Blogger camps said...

that's my favorite little 8-mile loop.

1:52 PM


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