Saturday, December 04, 2004


Except for a nice ride last Monday, the rain this week kept me off the trails and left me with no recourse but to dream of better times. Like this one:

Douthat overlook

There's nothing like a long ride with good friends, and probably no better time or place to do it than at the MORE camping trip to Douthat. This was truly a great weekend. Two days of riding, spam sushi, and spending some good quality time with Gina and kid (and about a hundred other mountain bikers). Day one was a spirited jaunt with Wes, Jens, and Jay. Day two was a nice long ride with my buds in the picture. Didn't get to ride as much as I wanted to, but I was happy that Gina got some good saddle time and made the climb up Mountainside for the first time.


Blogger chance said...

hey, whats gary oldman doing in that picture? i didn't know he rode bikes and hung out with the MORE crew. that guy seriously looks like him, circa The Professional.

5:24 PM


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