Friday, January 07, 2005

Babelfish won't help

Ok boyz and grrls, I need to clean out the bike parts bin. I have a set of Salsa Bell Lap bars to give away to the first person who can give me the English translation of the squiggly stuff at the top of my blog. Good luck...

Hint: Google "baybayin", then go ask a tagalog speaker (but not me).


Blogger Lee said...

ummm "fearless dogeaters"?

3:16 PM

Blogger JoeP said...

Nice try, but... NO BARS FOR YOU!

3:54 PM

Blogger gmr2048 said...

Makekaeno. Howagomatakoto

Professor, is there partial credit given on this test?

5:44 PM

Blogger rickyd 2 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:54 PM

Blogger JoeP said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:10 AM

Blogger JoeP said...

Oops, I accidentally deleted ricky's comment and my response, but Jo got it right! The correct translation (loosely) is "eat! do not fear". Jo gets the bars, and don't let me see them on any of ricky's bikes :) Nice try Gary!

12:19 AM

Blogger JoeP said...

Ok, this is ricky's original response which was accidentally deleted:

[begin quote]
Makibaka, Huwag Matakot

Jo translated this, so she wants the bars:
makikain huwag matakot means (loosely) come on eat, don't be scared

Kumain ka na ba?

I think she's wrong. I think it means:
I loves me some men.
[end quote]

12:43 AM

Blogger gmr2048 said...

i must have spent an hour on different sites, trying to get the latin letters for the tagalog symbols. then i took the (very rough) latin and tried feeding different versions into a tagalog-english translator. about all i was able to get was this:

huwag (adv) don't, negative command
goma (noun) rubber

hrm. "don't rubber"? at that point i got creeped out and thought "hrm maybe i don't want to know what it means". congrats to jo!

10:40 AM


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