Sunday, December 12, 2004

Thanks for the lungs ma, now pass the remote

On Saturday I went out for my first V02max test. Me and my buddies rickyd, static, and lee got a good group rate through Fitness Concepts (thanks, Nancy and Ken). A VO2max test is when they measure your rate of oxygen conversion during hard excercise. Like an IQ test, it's supposed to measure fitness potential, not ability. They hook you and your bike up to a trainer which is hooked up to a power monitor and a computer. A mask, which is hooked up to a C02 analyzer, is put over your nose and mouth and the fun begins. The resistance is upped every minute until you can't turn the pedals anymore. I lasted about 15 minutes before I gave in. The end result: 67.5 mL/kg/min (i.e., 67 mL per minute of O2 used per kg of body weight). Wanting to know what this meant, I poked around the net for some V02max norms. So, I guess I'm in the "excellent" category. But how does this jibe with my less than stellar racing season? Ah, here's the approximate formula:

racing ability = (V02max) / (slacker factor)

where slacker factor = infinty, in my case. Hmm, racing ability = 0. Yup, sounds about right...


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