Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Burning bridges

Never trust wet wooden bridges. Should have learned that a long time ago. I've had my share of wipeouts on them and I saw rickyd do a nasty faceplant on one once. But still, I wiped out on one of them this morning on my commute to work. The front wheel lost traction going into a turn and that was it... I went down hard enough to elicit an "O my god!" from the only pedestrian to witness the carnage. Funny thing was that I slid into a guardrail hard enough that the momentum bounced me right back up. Without missing a beat, I grabbed the bike, took a few running steps into a "perfect" cyclocross-style mount, and was on my way ("perfect" meaning that I didn't smash my stuff on the seat or top tube). The pain of the road rash and sprained wrist hit me about 30 seconds later.


Blogger rickyd 2 said...

Ha! I remember that day at Wakefield. I believe it was my introduction to disc brakes, and I squeezed a little too hard. In fact, it was stupid I even used the brakes at all! Wet wooden bridges = no braking, accelerating, or leaning...

Nice job with bouncing back up; that would have been neat to see. Can you do it again when I ride with ya? ;)

8:46 AM

Blogger gwadzilla said...

I hate crashing

my hip has finally healed from a turn too fast on some wet leaves on the bike path in Rock Creek park

crashing has two merits...

1. It Humbles People

2. It teaches us to respect limits

5:38 PM


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