Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A cold, lonely night

I drive into Wakefield Monday night for the MORE ride. With the formal ride leader out of commission for a while, I've kinda taken it upon myself to lead the ride just to keep it going. Usually attendance isn't that good, and tonight is no exception. Last week, the weather was beautiful and I had the biggest crowd I've seen on a Monday (4 riders and Charlie the dog). But tonight it's 19 degrees and I'm by myself. No problem, I spin off into the darkness. The trails are completely frozen and make for great riding. After 10 minutes I don't even notice the cold and it may as well be spring (well not really). I got this new heart rate monitor and lately I've been limited to wearing it around the house and checking my stats during various, err, activities. But tonight is my first off-road ride with it. I'm trying to stay in "zone 2" but it's darn near impossible on a singlespeed so I stop paying attention to it and just ride. I get in a good hour of riding in before my waterbottle and brakes become completely frozen, at which point thirst and safety concerns force me to stop. Later at home I indulge my sole guilty pleasure: I lock myself in my shop, download the HRM stats to my laptop, and let my geek self loose on the data...


Blogger gwadzilla said...

I need to geek out....
not so much with the trainer
not so much with the heart rate stats
I need to use these rideless moments with the wrench in my hands
I bought some new bars for my cross bike
and have more than a few bottom brakets that could use some attention
and plenty of hubs that may have never been repacked!

10:28 PM


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