Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Did a 75 mile road/towpath ride last Saturday. Three Joes, a Mark, and a Butch set out on a cold rainy morning from Roosevelt Island, just South of DC. Four fixed gear riders and a brave gearie, we headed West for Leesburg along the W&OD bike path. From Leesburg it's a right on South King St., on to Route 15 North, and then another right turn to White's Ferry. After the short boat ride across the Potomac ($1), it's 35 miles back to DC along the C&O canal towpath. It took us 2.5 hours to get from DC to Leesburg and (thanks to the muddy conditions on the C&O), 4 hours to get back to DC. I feel strong on the ride to Leesburg but as we hit the C&O, I hit "the wall." The ride back to DC is painful. My legs are cramping and my left knee feels messed up. I watch the lead riders slowly disappear far ahead of me. Luckily, they stop to regroup. After a rest stop about 15 miles from the end I get my second wind. I push hard to keep up with the leaders. About a mile from the end, with everyone else cooling down, I give it all I got. It's a pathetic effort, and no one bothers to chase me. It's cheap glory against a pack of much stronger riders who were taking it easy. Really stupid on my part since I do more damage to my knee. Oh well, I was never known to ride smart. After the ride, we grab some food and beer in Georgetown. I'm covered in mud, tired, smelly, and limping. Just the way it should be after a good road ride.


Blogger gwadzilla said...

that is a painful story....

the canal.....
rated low on techincal difficulty
but sure can kick some ass!
it has kicked my ass more than once

my knee hurts just reading about it

my single day assault was like that
I hit the wall at Harper's Ferry!
60 some miles left in the condition you just spoke
at Great Falls..... Well Old Angler's Inn I took it to the pavement
I was not trying to do anything but ride from Cumberland to DC
no family, friends, or film crews waiting at mile point zero for me
guess if they were I could have snuck up behind them and said BOO!
and then scurried into my bath tub in Mount Pleasant

10:33 PM


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