Thursday, May 05, 2005


In the Star Trek universe when a Klingon warrior dies, his living comrades join in a primal scream to warn the dead that a Klingon warrior is approaching. In Northern VA when a singlespeeder is born, there is no such ritual.

But dammit there ougtha be! Especially when that new singlespeeder is long lost cousin Ro:

Hey Rose! Who's lookin afer the kids?!?!


Blogger rickyd 2 said...

That ass in the background is sooo hot. It's like God hisself came down from the heavens and sculpted it out of the best piece of clay he could get his 30' wide hands on.

7:57 AM

Blogger RoDoHo said...

Too bad the guy attached to that ass can't make balloon sculptures for poor little kids ... :)

Thanks to my long lost cousin Joe for recruiting me into the single-speed army ... and to his saintly spouse Gina for getting my butt off the couch by loaning me her will power.

12:11 PM

Blogger Your Name Here said...

I saw that bike at Lodi!!! Congrats Rose. Welcome to the tribe. I know you'll have fun with it.


3:34 PM

Blogger JoeP said...

"That ass": Dirt Rag 114, pg 115

7:56 AM

Blogger alberthaanstra said...

Hi Blogger! Ik ben op zoek naar kredieten Zou Afab echt zo goed zijn als iedereen beweert? Of kan ik beter zoiets als Geldshop proberen?

Groetjes Albert

12:15 AM


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