Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gambrill 101

The rocks of Gambrill
It's always fun to ride Gambrill. It's even more fun when you're showing people around there for the first time. It's like discovering the place all over again for yourself. Last Sunday we had a good mixed group of newbs (to Gambrill) and seasoned cadres: Jo & Rickyd, Gina & meP, Dima, Lou, and JayD. We did the usual Yellow loop, stopping often to play on the rocks. The first climb put the familiar taste of blood in my lungs, but the rest of the ride went well and with no serious casualties (at least none that I saw). It was a beautiful day with the leaves starting to show their Autumn colors, and the smell of crushed leaves like the fine aftertaste of a good brew.

Dima clearing the rocks with ease

A well-earned rest

Aww geez, get a room!

The infamous climb under the powerlines

JayD riding big on the rocks


Blogger gmr2048 said...

i thought that whole "blood flavor in my lungs" was due to me being out of shape (and near death). nice to know it's probably not.

1:34 PM


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