Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Douthat, Fall 2006

Is there such a thing as a bad camping trip to Douthat? This year's venture was more of the same from last time-- a chance to unwind, spend time with friends, and ride some of VAs best trails. Nope, nothing bad about that. Spilting riding time with the wife means less time with my buddies on the trail, but that's ok because it also means more time romping around with the kid. In other words, for me, discovering a bit of what it's like being a kid again.

Maili, Robert, Gina, Heather, and Tris

Day One: Took off from work early to try to beat the rush out of DC. Didn't make it. We were stuck on the I66 parking lot for a good two hours before we made it out of the Metro area. Got to Douthat around 9pm and found an open site vacated by Bike Lane owners Todd and Anne(a.k.a, sugar-daddy and sugar-mama). They were smart and checked into a cabin instead. A nice, warm cabin.

Tris on the Middle Mountain trail

Day Two: Gina's turn to ride. She goes out for a loop with Tris, Maili, Heather (newly engaged Heather), BobC, and son RobC. I take Sagada to the Apple Festival and check out the Appalachian vibe. Apples, homemade chili, animal skins, bluegrass bands, fire pits, whitlers, yee haw. We got to see an apple press and a corn shucker in action before chowing down some caramel apples and chili. Gina got back in time for me to sneak in an afternoon ride, so Tris and I did a nice and easy loop up to the Tuscarora Overlook via Stony Run, then onto Middle Mountain, and then bombed down Salt Stump back to camp. We got back well in time for dinner. A nice day spent with the kid, AND a nice ride to finish up.

Todd claims Lookout Rock for
team Bike Lane
Day Three: My turn to spend a day on the trails. Rounded up Todd, BruceyB, and GregyC for a loop to the Tuscarora Overlook again. We set a good brisk pace up the mountain. How can you not with BruceyB trying to grind the knobs off your rear wheel? We caught up with quite a few other groups. Seems like a lot of like-minded folks were headed to the cabin at the Overlook. Once at the top, Greg led us down Blue Suck Trail to Lookout Rock, then for a spontaneous loop around some of the lower trails before finishing up the ride. Packed up camp just in time to meet Gina and Sagada back from their hiking trip. Loaded up the car, pointed the wheels eastward, and we were home before dark.

Tuscarora Overlook


Blogger Lee said...

Nice write up... and no, there is no such thing as a bad trip to Douthat.

You should send that pic of Tris in to dirt rag, nice photo.


11:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you had to mention "catching up to other groups"... ;-) As I huffed and puffed up the Tuscarora Trail, I was passed by a familiar face... on a SINGLESPEED nonetheless. I agree with Lee, great write up Joe. How can I be mad at a guy who always has that kind of smile on his face when riding, even in a race?

11:17 PM


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