Monday, July 31, 2006

Fairhill 06

The results for the Fairhill MASS race have been posted. I have no idea why they have me (Joel Penano of Team Bike Line?!?) finishing in 40th place in the Elite field when, in reality, I didn't finish the race. I got lost somewhere around mile 20 and took a wrong turn. I saw a sign with the word "Elite" on the left, and slightly under it, the word "Sport" on the right (no course marshall in sight). I went left. Wrong! In my delirious state, I must have missed the little arrows next to the words pointing in the opposite direction. I ended up accidentally racing the Sport course (23 miles) instead of the Elite course (28 miles). So technically, that's a DQ. I told the race officials this as soon as I crossed the line and realized I had come in way ahead of the entire Elite field. The good news is that I had a pretty good time for the Sport cousre-- around 2:20, I'm guessing from the timer at the finish line and the start delay between the Sport and Expert classes. Great trails, but next year I'm bringing a GPS unit.


Blogger BradH said...

Glad you had fun with the race Joe. Also, nice ruminations on the San Diego sunset posting too. Hope you had a good time.


2:28 PM

Blogger chandaroo said...

But then you did always get lost going around the block. You crack me up, Dr. Physics.

3:20 PM

Blogger gwadzilla said...

I heard it was hot


a great set of trails

will put it on the radar for next year

what about wakefield?
no wakefield this year?


cranky monkey?

12:05 AM


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