Sunday, January 23, 2005

Ramblings on a plane

I'm flying back to DC from Albuquerque. It's 9PM. Suuposed to have 6"-10" of snow tomorrow and I can't wait. I'm bummed that I didn't get to ride while I was over there except for the 2 hours on the stationary bike in the hotel. To make that fun I had to pretend I was racing the guy next to me. Sad.

I've only been gone three days but I miss the wife and daugther terribly. She's growing up too fast (the kid, that is). People say she looks like her mother. I don't think so. But I'm just glad she doesn't look like me. I'd make for an ugly girl. A really ugly girl. This is what people tell me when I'm in drag every Halloween.

I've got the Carpenters playing on Gina's MP3 player, which I borrowed for this trip. Next up we have Sinatra, Billy Bragg, Cypress Hill, and Pixies.

Just got done reading fatmarc's awesome blog. While I've only had the honor of riding with him at ECNASSCU, I gotta say that my favorite thing about mountain biking is the people you meet. I would have never stayed with it if it weren't for:




Blogger Marc from Human Resources said...

Joe, I'm here reading all the blogs that I follow on a regular basis, and low and behold, I get to fearless dogeaters, and there is a great compliment for my blog. Thank you very much for the props, you totally made my day. Damn, that was cool man.

much respect

8:13 PM

Blogger gwadzilla said...

the bicycle community is a great place
the parking lots at the races are always a good time
but nothing matches the energy at the 24 Hour Events!

I love the multi-lap format.....
the team work
the tent camp
familiar friends on familiar rides
bikers whose names you have never known
whose voices you have never heard
whose identies are just guess work in your mind
yet you feel you know them
the adventure of it all
the competition with self and with others
the shared experience of it all

it is the closest to the trenches of war I ever wish to come

10:25 PM


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