Saturday, November 26, 2005

Black Friday

Shopping malls be damned. With my Christmas shopping pretty much done, Markie, Rickyd, ChrisH (aka AteMrYeats), and I headed for the Watershed for some playtime on the rocks. 23 degrees was the temp at the start of the ride, and that's where it stayed the whole time. After a week in Hawaii and California with temps consistently in the 80s, this was a shock to my system. My legs turned to jello early in the ride and I found myself hanging on for dear life for most of the ride. Rickyd on the other hand was in top form, clearing all of the big climbs and besting everyone on the "Death March". Must be the new bike (heh heh).

Markie did a great job leading most of the ride and finding some great trails that I had never seen before. I really liked the boulder field leading into "Little Canaan". Those were some big rocks. Unfortunately for ChrisH, those rocks took a toll on his fork, which snapped, sending him on an long walk back to the cars. The three of us continued on for another 3 hours, stopping to play on the more techincal sections and taking pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm certainly thankful that I can do stuff like this.


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