Monday, May 01, 2006

Assume the position...

The singlespeed climbing position that is...

(And forget that last guy, he's a big showoff! Yeah, Pierre rocks.)

All photos taken by lensmaster Joe Foley at last Sunday's Greenbrier AMBC race.

More pics by lensmaster Al Santos here.


Blogger rickyd said...

Notice how Buddy and Larry are smiling, while the rest of us look like we're about to hurl?

1:18 PM

Blogger gwadzilla said...

it is as if geared bikes do not exist

2:10 PM

Blogger Your Name Here said...

People put more than one gear on their bikes? Weird!

That's my kind of race. I'm pretty good at pushing my bike up hills. :D

Sorry I missed it. (or not) ;)


7:15 AM


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