Monday, May 01, 2006

Assume the position...

The singlespeed climbing position that is...

(And forget that last guy, he's a big showoff! Yeah, Pierre rocks.)

All photos taken by lensmaster Joe Foley at last Sunday's Greenbrier AMBC race.

More pics by lensmaster Al Santos here.


Blogger rickyd 2 said...

Notice how Buddy and Larry are smiling, while the rest of us look like we're about to hurl?

1:18 PM

Blogger gwadzilla said...

it is as if geared bikes do not exist

2:10 PM

Blogger Your Name Here said...

People put more than one gear on their bikes? Weird!

That's my kind of race. I'm pretty good at pushing my bike up hills. :D

Sorry I missed it. (or not) ;)


7:15 AM


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