Monday, August 14, 2006

Sans cattle prod

Sagada on piano
Sagada has taken a big liking to the piano. Unlike myself when I was her age who had to be forced by mean, mean Catholic nuns wielding electric cattle prods and the fear of hell to eek out dissonant note after painful note until my fingers were withered to the bone like the skeletons on Golgotha. She seems to actually enjoy playing. Here's a video from her first concert.

The new place

Ok, since fatbob29er asked, I thought I'd give a quick update on the new house. Everything went well enough with the sale of the old place and the buying of the new house. Gina, Sagada, and I moved in last May and have been enjoying the string of house-warming parties and the usual decorating squabbles (Gina is being very difficult and will not accept my pink chiffon motifs). Except for the water main breaking in the front yard, everything is settling down nicely.

Some pictures:

new place - front

new place - living room
Get rid of the flower couch? Never.

new place - dining room

new place - sagada

You're not my friend unless you can COOK!

Meat by Mar. Mar is my friend.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday races 2006

Another year, another Wednesday at Wakefield series. In a nutshell, the series went like this for me:

Race 1: Felt good. Managed to ride strong until the last lap where I ran out of gas.

Race 2: Felt good. Managed to ride strong until the last lap where I ran out of gas, again.

Race 3: Missed it. I was in San Diego. But probably woulda felt good at the start, then run out of gas on the last lap.

Race 4: The "Drag Race". Hot, about 100 degrees. Felt like crap, but at least my sports bra was keeping me cool. Had nothing left after the first lap. My legs were jello. Got a little something back on the third lap but it was too late. My training plan is working beautifully.

Here's a demonic picture of me smiling as I cut off Kathy on the final hill:

wakefield battle 1

Here's a picture of me smiling as I cut off another girl on the same hill:

wakefield battle 2

I'm not a bad guy. No, really...

Sadly, this may be the last W@W series with LarryC (aka MyOtherBrotherL, Silly Cowtilly, etc.) at the controls. Larry's calling it quits to get back to life's more important things. Hopefully PVC will continue the tradition. Thanks for all your hard work, Larry. Now get back to training so you can beat me next year!

Check out these other pics by Pete Toscano and Gary Ryan.

Good night, ladies!

singlespeed ladies

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My beautiful yard

This is what inevitably happens when you have a polybutylene pipe for your water main:

My front yard

I need to ride my bike.