Sunday, August 12, 2007

Adobo ride

A dozen Pinoys and Pinays lightly browned, and a dash of vanilla. Shake vigorously and serve on the rocks. Ah, smells like the first ever Adobo ride at Gambrill, a.k.a., the largest ever gathering of Pilipino mountain bikers on the North American East Coast Universe.
A good blend of Gambrill first-timers and veterans, two groups of riders toured the Yellow Loop and rendezvoused for a post-ride pot luck. A few new faces and some I hadn't seen for a while. Props to: Jojo rockin the singlespeed for the first time at Gambrill; Gina, not so fresh after yesterday's GW ride, still rockin on the new Kish; Garret emerging from out of nowhere and rockin the rigid cantilevered-brake bike; Darwin sneaking out of church to ride with us and rushing back for the final blessings; and thanks to the group of first-timers I led for not killing me when I got us lost.

yellow a hardcore garret

It wouldn't be the Adobo ride without...
adobo ride picnic


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