Friday, November 10, 2006

A Letter to Elizabeth (Furnace)

My Dear Elizabeth,

ef13I love you, but we can't go on like this. It's not your fault, really it's me. To be honest, when we first met I didn't think you were anything special. In fact, you were crude and uncultivated-- like nothing I was used to at the time. Sure, you took my breath away, but others have too. That's just my own shortcoming. You probably thought I was weak, inexperienced, and a bit too over-confident that you had to put me in my place. I hated you for that. But as I spent more time with you I began to see things about you that I had missed. Your unpredictable and spontaneous nature, your naturally beautiful and perfectly formed curves, the subtle ways with which you dominate every man or woman seeking to master you. My body still hurts from those wild afternoons when you threw me to the ground and ravaged me against the rocks after I had gotten too haughty and thought I had you under my control. Artful temptress! You knew the pain would not keep me away! I had to have you again and again!

But my need for you has grown into an obsession. I have spent the last three weekends with you. And while it's been fun, I'm worn out physically and emotionally, and I know that this is not good for me. I have a wife. A child that depends on me. So before this gets out of hand, I have to call it off. At least for a little while. I need to see other trails. Not that they're better than you. Not at all. We just need some time apart. In the meantime, I have these pictures from our last few weekends together.

XXX ;)


Blogger unogear said...

Elizabeth. I haven't quite gotten over you yet. After we see each other, I just crave you more.

8:33 AM

Blogger camps said...

try the lovely lass across the street from Elizabeth.

her name isn't as pretty, but her curves certainly are

3:24 PM


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