Friday, January 28, 2005

Training Daze

So I finally got my training schedule together for the year. It's a bit late, but then again I don't have any high expectations for my first time using a training program. In fact, I only have one "A" race for the year and that's the SM100. Before, my "training" consisted of riding a lot and riding hard all the time. Now I'm learning that it's actually good to take it easy once in a while. Hmm, so it's good to be a slacker now and then... I can do that.

I bought a set of rollers the other day just because I can't stand the monotony of a regular stationary trainer. Riding rollers is like riding on ice. You have to keep alert. I zoned out once and almost took a dive into the couch (actually would not have been a bad idea). I'm getting used to them now so it's a bit easier and I can watch tv while I'm pedaling. Tonight I broke them out again and rode for an hour and a half while watching Super Size Me. Sunday I'm planning to go out for some long "zone 2" mileage. Compared to these dang rollers, the ice on the trails shouldn't be much of a problem. Gimme a holler if you're interested in coming along.


Blogger gwadzilla said...

not that interested in riding the ice or riding the rollers....
I was thinking it would be fun to get together with a mess of people and their bike w/trainers or rollers

ride outside and project a movie onto something....

I was thinking my backyard....
only who had the projector
and can we be so quiet as so that we do not wake my kids?

I had rollers
and I did dive...
but it may have had to do with a hecticly pitted headset
or my attention on my tetris game or my glass of water
okay.... I fell a bunch of times
like some bad Rodney Dangerfield movie... rest his soul

10:20 PM

Blogger JoeP said...

hmmm, a bunch of people on rollers/trainers with a projection screen... sounds like a scene from the "Triplets of Belleville." I liked that movie. It was in French (which me no speaky), but it didn't matter cos there was no dialog.

10:51 PM


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