Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Movie night

Movie night

Movie night is on Wednesday at our house, or really just whenever we can find the time. Tonight we're combining movie night with laundry. With the old washer in it's last throes it was time to upgrade to these new-fangled front loaders. They're supposed to be more efficient water-wise, and quieter (the cats appreciate a good night's sleep), but I think they just look so dang cool. Thanks to Les and Mar-Mar for the idea. It's been a while since we've been to the laundromat, so it was cheaply entertaining for us (and the pets) to watch the clothes go round. Brought back some old memories. May even be an "L.A. story" in there somewhere.

Speaking of cats, Gina snapped this pic of "Tisoy," our 25lb bundle of white fury. This cat is soley responsible for the extinction of the local rabbit population. I once saw him take out an entire family of 'em-- mother rabbit in his mouth, one baby rabbit under each paw. When there were no more rabbits, we found a steady parade of dead birds and moles by our door. Each one dropped in pretty much the same spot. In the spring we can count on at least one offering every other day, sometimes more. Now if I could only get him to do the same with titanium bike parts...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tisoy?! lol.... good name im glad you dont live in an ecosystem with small flightless endagered species....

1:26 AM

Blogger Jill Homer said...

Great photo! How did you get your cats to sit still like that?

3:02 AM

Blogger JoeP said...

Nail gun.

3:00 PM


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