Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately. All these shiny new bike parts and nothing to hang them on. Makes a guy blue. more blue bling
I've even been indulging my guilty pleasures-- watching shows like American Chopper and Biker Buildoff. Noticing how these builders go to great lengths to create the ultimate chopper, imagining that MikeD is doing the same with my frame. See, he ran into a snag these last few weeks trying to get 17in chainstays on a 29er and still fit a fat tire like the Exiwolf. The Karate Monkey gets away with it by curving the seat tube, but I didn't want that. So Mike has been busy trying to make this work and creating a heap of scrap in the process. But innvoation takes time, and with a builder like Mike, I imagine nothing gets by unless it's dang perfect. Still, this waiting can make a guy blue.

But hold on, what's this...


Just a note to let you know I think I can make it all work – thanks so much for your patience. Will do my best to get your bike finished next week.

Talk to you soon,

Mike DeSalvo
DeSalvo Custom Cycles



Blogger Blue-eyed Devil said...

Wah! I really feel for you...8^)

You going with aluminum nips? Hmm...

3:43 PM

Blogger fatbob29r said...

Them sure is some fancy parts you got there boy!

12:26 PM


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